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a unique solution for all structures

Who is Gigz for?

Whether you're an agency, a label or a venue organizing events: You'll always have a good reason to use Gigz to boost your event revenues (concert organizers, festivals, events of all kinds...) and music streams (artists, labels).



Engage your festival-goers and offer them more: Enhance their experience and sell more tickets. Our data marketing solution helps you understand the needs and interests of your audience, allowing you to customize your offering for an unforgettable event experience.


Create a 360 experience for festival goers

Give your attendees a unique experience from the moment they register for your event. Make sure they are engaged from the very first interaction. Send them regular updates on festival programming, allow them to purchase bonus content and offer them exclusive content: an immersion in the world of your festival guaranteed!

Sell more tickets and passes

Our algorithm allows you to find audiences similar to those already registered for your event. Is your festival a multi-day event that sells out on one day but tickets struggle to sell out on other days? No problem. We can help you reach a new audience in the most ethical and responsible way possible.

Multiply your advertising returns

Optimize your advertising returns: we help you reach the right people at the right time with the right message. This way, your return on advertising investment is increased tenfold. Your sales multiply as well as the interactions with your event and the press returns flow in! Our solution monitors the performance of your advertising campaigns in real time and makes the necessary adjustments to optimize their effectiveness.


Enhance the experience of your venue visitors by personalizing their visit, allowing them to interact with your facility in a more relevant way and offering them more than just a tour. You can engage your targets for the longer term with Gigz and expand your audiences. We show you.


Find and win more ticket buyers

Don't get stuck guessing how to fill capacity. Our automated audience builder does the heavy lifting to identify the perfect buyers on social media and accelerate ticket sales.

Increase your income, reduce your budget

Our algorithms ensure that your budget is spent on audiences that actually generate sales. This ensures that you're not spending money trying to reach people who aren't generating revenue.

Create virality around your event

Gigz marketing campaigns help you promote your events while capturing information about potential attendees.


Build fan loyalty, expand your audience and give your fans a 360 experience with Gigz. Accompany your audience every step of the way so they're fully engaged. A personalized experience and a multiplied ROI. That's all it takes.


Build a real CRM strategy

Centralize all your customer information and be able to segment your database finely. Generate online forms to expand your opt-in customer base.

Synchronize your ticketing

Take advantage of our scoring integration and be aware of how your sporting events are selling. Make decisions accordingly and activate marketing solutions to achieve the sell out!

Send personalized messages

With our emailing platform, design custom emailing workflows to keep in touch with your database and implement upsell strategies to increase your revenues.


Boost your music-related revenues with accurate, targeted data. Using Gigz and our advanced data analysis tools, you'll be able to collect relevant listener information to incorporate into your marketing strategy.


Develop your artists' audience

Launch acquisition campaigns to expand your reach, and find new fans for your artists. Increase your followers on social networks and get to know them better.

Promote your music

Take advantage of our Smartlinks to promote your artists' content according to each branding. Create responsive landing pages to redirect visitors to streaming platforms, tour dates or even merchandise.

Collect useful data

Take control of your first-party data and store it in a secure location that only you can access. Segment your prospects and send retargeting campaigns with our integrated self-service ad server.

Trade shows

Increase your fill rate and revenue by using accurate, targeted data. Gather information (interests, location, industry) and use it to develop personalized marketing strategies. Target specific audiences and provide them with personalized offers (early bird rates, conferences related to their interests).


Centralize all your website data

With our patented pixel, view all interactions on your site and keep an eye on hourly traffic. Segment visitors and retarget them with effective display campaigns.

Expand your audience, extend your reach

Expand your audience, extend your reach Import PNG or GIF banners and promote them on the world's most visited websites. Advertise your event to as many visitors as possible, or find the right audience directly with advanced targeting.

Implement your entire emailing strategy

Keep in touch with existing customers with an integrated emailing platform, and reach exhibitors throughout the funnel with marketing automation for undecided prospects.


We help marketing agencies that create events for their clients maximize the impact of their campaigns using accurate and targeted data. With our advanced data analysis tools, agencies can collect the right information about attendees to develop personalized marketing strategies. Using this information, agencies can create more effective campaigns.


Separate work areas

Centralize all of your customers' marketing activities in one software application and switch from one account to another with one click.

Self-service ad server

Buy online media space yourself and deploy your clients' GIF banners on premium websites. Buy advanced targeting segments or retarget website visitors.

Give your customers the best ROI

Set up a tracking pixel, segment visitors, retarget prospects, set up automated workflows, and see your customers' ROI increase in just a few weeks!

API Integration

with an important ticketing and marketing platform

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